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10+1 Reasons Why Students HATE College

March 3, 2016 | Essay Tigers

by Haley Osborne March 3, 2016 This article’s going to bluntly set the record straight and explain why modern students increasingly hate college and turn to essay writing services for help. Is it just the unwillingness to wake up in the morning and go to classes? Boring lectures? Poor grades? Teacher-student relations? We believe there is much more about the college hating issue and we are going to dig deeper. It’s not going to be pretty so be forewarned. Read at your own risk and enjoy!


Op-Ed from Democrats for Public Education Co-Chair Rep. Mark Pocan – “With an Eye on the Future”

January 12, 2015 | Huffington Post

by Rep. Mark Pocan (CA-41) January 12, 2015 With a new year upon us and the midterms now firmly in the rear-view mirror, Democrats are moving past all of the ink, tweets and hand-wringing that dominated the last few months.


New Years Resolutions from Democrats for Public Education

January 7, 2015

As we ring in 2015, Democrats for Public Education offers the following New Years Resolutions - for those who believe in strong neighborhood public schools. We’re committed to spending 2015 fighting to make sure every child has access to a high-quality public education, with well-prepared and


Exposing the Charter School Lie: Michelle Rhee, Louis C.K. and the Year Phony Education Reform Revealed its True Colors

January 3, 2015 | Salon

Progressives formed Democrats for Public Education to counter the neoliberal, big money clout of Democrats for Education Reform. And Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul and former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush emerged as rival voices in the ongoing debate about the Common Core among potential Republican presidential candidates.


2014’s Best and Worst Players in Public Education

December 17, 2014 | NEA Today

2014 saw the formation of a much-needed and long overdue new organization to advocate for public schools. Democrats for Public Education (DPE) was launched in June by Ted Strickland, former governor of Ohio, and political consultant Donna Brazile. U.S. Senator Tammy Baldwin